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Full Listing of All GPS, WAAS and iPhone Products From Max Trescott

Training Books by Max Trescott
Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook with WAAS and Perspective | Learn more > > >
There is a revolution sweeping through general aviation. In less than two years, the industry has converted to ship all new aircraft with glass cockpits, rather than traditional instrument panels. The most popular of these is the Garmin G1000, and now there's a comprehensive guide describing how to operate these airplanes. This book makes it easy for you to quickly become an expert on operating and programming the G1000 system in any aircraft.

Max Trescott's GPS and WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook  | Learn more > > >
Don’t get stuck in the clouds wondering which button to push! Get the one book that tells pilots what they need to know to safely fly using a modern GPS receiver and autopilot. Max Trescott’s GPS and WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook recognizes that GPS is at the center of modern cockpits and not just add-on equipment. Designed for both VFR and IFR pilots, this book tells you what you need to know to safely operate modern GPS systems.

Training CDs by Max Trescott
Max Trescott's Garmin G1000 CD-ROM Course (PC/Mac/Linux) | Learn more > > >
There is a revolution sweeping through general aviation. All new aircraft ship with advanced glass cockpits and pilots are faced with the challenge of transitioning to these new systems. The most popular system is the Garmin G1000, and now you can master the system yourself with this new CD-ROM set produced by the author of the popular Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook.

Max Trescott's WAAS and GPS CD-ROM Course (PC/Mac/Linux) | Learn more > > >
Max Trescott’s WAAS and GPS CD-ROM Course makes learning fun! This four-hour course teaches you to fly WAAS-based approaches step-by-step, and shows you how many feet of obstacle clearance you have at every point on the approach. Interactive simulators let you practice entering approaches. You can navigate the course in any order and it’s fully keyword searchable so you can instantly find what you’re looking for.

Max Trescott GPS Guides for the iPhone | Learn more > > >
GPS technology is an essential part of many General Aviation cockpits, yet half of GPS users surveyed said they have difficulty getting a GPS to so what they want. Now new Max Trescott GPS Guides for the iPhone help pilots operate their GPS. The initial release of applications is for the Garmin GPSMAP 296, 396, 495, 496, 695 and 696 GPSs. Click on any of the following to open your iTunes application to get more information or order:

Online Courses from Max Trescott
Max Trescott's VFR Garmin G1000 Course | Learn more > > >
He was the first to offer online training courses for G1000-equipped aircraft, and again is the first to offer courses for the Perspective-equipped Cirrus Design SR22. The courses provide the ground training that you need to successfully prepare for VFR transition flights into these aircraft. And these courses don't just teach you the knobs; they're filled with insights and tips from top instructors that teach daily in glass cockpit aircraft.

Max Trescott's IFR Garmin G1000 Course | Learn more > > >

The IFR G1000 Transition Training course not only covers the G1000, but presents IFR as a series of structured processes. It thoroughly covers all of the major elements that IFR pilots need to remember during every phase of an IFR flight and integrates use of the G1000 into each of the IFR processes.

Max Trescott's VFR Perspective Course | Learn more > > >

In our VFR Perspective Transition Training course, you'll learn: Benefits and Disadvantages of Glass Cockpits, Perspective System Architecture, Using the Primary Flight Display (PFD), Operating the NAV & COM radios, Using the Engine Indication System, Using the Multifunction Display for Traffic, Weather, etc., Flight Planning using the GPS, Using the GFC 700 Autopilot, Flying a trip in a Perspective-equipped Cirrus SR22 and more.

March 2010:
New iPhone GPS Guides available for the Garmin 430 GPS and for the Garmin aera 500, 510, 550 and 560. Use as self-learning guides and quick reference checklists.